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Dragon Medical Network Edition

Over the last several months we have been busy implementing Nuance’s latest release of Dragon Medical: Dragon Medical Network Edition. We have received many questions on a daily basis on this new version and thought we would share a little about the product as well as our experience with it.

Dragon Medical Network Edition (DM NE) is an enterprise-class application that not only offers client-side enhancements, but a suite of IT administrative tools as well. At the heart of this application is Nuance Management Server (NMS) which can run on both Windows Server 2003 and 2008. NMS allows control of user accounts, authentication, user settings, licensing, vocabulary updates and other great tools.

By allowing authentication using Microsoft’s Active Directory, NMS provides streamlined account creation as well as improved security and physician satisfaction with a single sign-on solution. There are other enhancements that physicians will notice as well. Nuance has developed companion software called vSync which enables improved interaction with published application on Citrix servers. Many organizations publish their EHRs on a Citrix server and vSync allows for better interactivity between the EHR and Dragon Medical.

Another key ingredient in the Dragon Medical Network Edition’s magic is the Profile Optimizer Server. This in conjunction with NMS allows for automated language and acoustic model optimization of a user’s profile. Before, this was a manual process that many Dragon administrators did not perform on a regular basis, or at all. Thus physicians were not seeing the level of accuracy that they might have, had this been done. With its easy installation and configuration, the Optimizer Server is a definite win.

So what has been our experience? In a few words: Great. This new server approach has eased administration of Dragon greatly, allowing for one administrator to easily manage hundreds or even thousands of users. IT pros will also be pleased with the increased security as well as Active Directory integration. Just as important, vSync creates a superior dictation experience for physicians using a Citrix-based EHR.

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