Epic Build and Provider Training

  • A complete process from build through provider training and support
  • Metrics guided design with tools to analyze before and after optimization
  • Provider concierge services for immediate help and 1:1 training
  • Dragon optimization services also available

Epic continues to release new, useful features. In most organizations there is a gap between features released and features taken. And there is an even larger gap between features taken and provider adoption.

PTP’s Optimization services encourage collaboration with your providers, build teams, ongoing optimization committees, and training teams to ensure your providers have the tools needed to increase efficiency and decrease loss of time and revenue.

Site Visits

The build team and PTP will work in conjunction to determine the status of Epic and other ancillary charting tools (voice recognition, scribes, transcription, etc.) during live and remote site visits. The team will conduct  interviews, meetings, and department shadowing. This will benchmark reporting on provider charting and provide a guide for optimization training.

Review, Evaluate, and Report

The PTP team provides guidance for optimization, based on end-user reporting and shadowing.  Tools from Epic are combined with metrics gathered on the site visit to plan an achievable optimization project.

Build Assistance

PTP builders can work with the build team to ensure content, technical, and workflow items are completed. If necessary, PTP can augment your staff with remote build assistance to complete build items in both Epic and voice recognition systems. PTP can also send build documentation and walk through technical items for build teams, as needed. PTP will also work directly with your training team to improve ongoing training curricula.

Flexible Learning

By combining personalization labs, provider engagement centers, and/or remote provider support with 1:1 at the elbow education and support, the PTP training team will ensure your providers are not only aware of the new build in the system, but up to speed with how to get through their daily workflows efficiently. PTP will help ensure your training materials are current and that you are empowered to train provider efficiency moving forward.

Analysis of Current State

To determine effectiveness, PTP will complete a provider charting evaluation, repeat steps as necessary, and evaluate metrics to ensure a valuable return on investment of our product. A remote provider engagement center can be set up to answer providers’ workflow questions, promoting charting proficiency, and freeing up your build team for more critical tasks.