Physician Technology Partners is now part of Nuance and our EHR Services team.

What’s the story with MacSpeech?

MacSpeech was a company based in California that introduced a solid speech recognition solution for the Mac in 2008 that featured the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Engine. After great market success, it released medical and legal editions in 2009. By utilizing the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Engine, MacSpeech was able to see great success in the market place and has a strong following amongst Mac enthusiasts. We have seen the high accuracy of MacSpeech Dictate Medical and it’s seamless integration with native Mac applications as a real asset for any Mac owner, especially physicians.

One of the past reasons that kept the demand for dictation products for the Mac relatively low, is that most enterprise EHR solutions were built for Windows platforms. Thus, even if a provider was a Mac user, the fact that he or she could not interact with the EHR on the Mac, usually meant that the Mac stayed at home and was reserved for personal use. Now, with the increasing popularity of web-based and cross-platform EHR’s, providers are increasingly seen with a Mac in tow.

In February of 2010, MacSpeech was acquired by Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This acquisition represents an exciting time for Mac enthusiasts as Nuance will no doubt lend more research and development to the product.

With our large experience in integrating Dragon Medical in the ambulatory and institutional environments, we have been asked many times about speech recognition for the Mac. So today, we are excited to announce that we are carrying the MacSpeech Dictate Medical product in our online store. It is a fantastic product and comes complete with everything you need to dictate on your Intel-based Mac. With its broad specialty support (over 50 medical and dental vocabularies), MacSpeech Dictate Medical is a perfect solution for physicians who consider themselves inseparable with their macs.