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Details, details, details…

I was recently creating a new web-based tutorial for some of our Dragon Medical clients and was using dragon to dictate my training outline into Microsoft Word 2010. After dictating just a few sentences, I quickly realized that capitalization and punctuation rules were broken every time I clicked or typed into the window. A quick look at the full text control indicator revealed that Dragon did not have full text control in this application.

Knowing that Dragon Medical 10.1 is fully compatible with Windows 7 64-bit OS, I found it strange that I was having issues dictating into Microsoft Word. After consulting with the documentation, I found that Dragon Medical 10.1 does not support Microsoft office 2010 64-bit edition. It does, however, support the 32-bit version.

Details such as this often get overlooked during an upgrade, but can have great impact on the user. As more and more people begin updating both their hardware and operating systems, it is vital that they, or their IT support, investigate required specifications by all software.

As for me, I have 2 choices: I can reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit version, or I can switch to another similar solution such as the built in rich-text editor DragonPad. I am a creature of habit, and it is habit for me to open MS Word when I want to put thoughts into writing. However, I might just get into the habit of saying “Open DragonPad” instead.

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