Physician Technology Partners (PTP), a physician owned and directed consulting services company, delivers a sophisticated menu of capabilities to assist healthcare providers using Epic EMR applications. PTP supports the build, analysis, training and optimization of Epic modules with Dragon speech recognition integration at dozens of provider locations across the country. We earned a respected relationship and reputation for excellence among leaders within the Epic organization and with healthcare organizations across the nation who are benefiting from our integrated EMR and speech recognition expertise.

Our approach to consulting and professional services is reflective of the high standards of our founders and the depth of their expertise. Simply stated, our philosophy is to over-deliver on quality by delivering superior services for the dollar, in comparison with other Epic or Dragon consultancies.

With the success of mission-critical EMR systems on the line, we believe provider organizations will always prefer to work with proven, deeply experienced clinical and technical professionals when they engage a consulting partner. It’s our firm commitment to offer the highest level of expertise and professional resources – without compromise – with every engagement we enter into, regardless of size or scope.

User satisfaction, regulatory requirements, and significant ROI opportunities are all on the line for our clients. After incurring the significant expense of acquiring their Epic System, no customer wants to compromise on the quality of their deployment. We insist on differentiating ourselves from the many “Epic consultant staffing companies” who comprise the majority of options in the market today. Our clients are looking for more than credentialed and certified “warm bodies.” They’re seeking top shelf talent who can meld quickly within their organizations and contribute as proven experts from day one – regardless of the position they have been brought on to fill. Our approach is to offer the country’s best Epic and Dragon physician champions who train and oversee our team of nurses and technical professionals in each engagement. PTP will consistently deliver the best value for the dollar in the Epic and Dragon consulting marketplace.

All of our clients reap the significant comparative benefits of our fine-tuned methodology, our proven, real-world expertise and our “easy to work with” style of engagement. These are our objectives and this is our philosophy with everything we do.