Bridge the gap between implementation and proficiency.

PTP’s Adoption & Training Team engages with you through key phases to bridge the gap between systems, clinical & non-clinical staff. This model provides a successful transition from build to productivity at the bedside.


Bridge the Gap Between Implementation and Proficiency

PTP’s Adoption and Training Team engages with you through key phases to bridge the gap between systems, clinical and non-clinical staff.

  • Cover essential topics and unique workflows
  • Implement developed methodology
  • Develop and utilize knowledge stream
  • Frequent knowledge gap assessments
  • Movement toward a continuous learning model extending beyond an initial training event

Integrated Training Solutions with Pre Go-Live Productivity Goal

The cost, time and training required to implement an EHR is often underestimated.  At PTP we design a training program that presents highly effective yet practical solutions based on clinician satisfaction and return to pre Go-live productivity.

  • Combination Dragon/Epic training solutions
  • Customized eLearning based on unique client workflows
  • Productivity-based training
  • 1 to 1 pre-implementation training
  • Proven and effective adult learning
  • Analytics to verify training effectiveness

Facilitate Organizational Change withSim Lab Experience

PTP will provide your clinicians with a risk-free training experience.  The Sim Lab delivers a real-world, hands-on, case based learning opportunity in a controlled environment.  Simulation yields the potential to increase the speed acquisition of clinical skills by allowing the opportunity for repetitive practice at the learner’s own pace.

  • Build confidence and knowledge base
  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Move from today’s system to tomorrows in a real world environment
  • Decrease number and impact of Go-live errors
  • Provide reflective learning by scenario debriefing
  • Custom training for clinician specialties