Physician workflow expertise with unparalleled speech recognition knowledge

With PTP’s highly skilled, clinically trained “At-The-Elbow” support, there is no better team at your side for go-live!


Increased Clinician Productivity and Revenue Capture

PTP’s highly skilled and clinically trained “At-The-Elbow” support makes teh EHR transition efficient and effective. Our physician lead teams possess vetted expertise needed to return productivity and revenue capture to Pre Go-Live state in a fraction of the estimated time.

  • Focus on clinician productivity, adoption, and satisfaction
  • Integrated Epic and Dragon knowledge provide correct information first time, every time
  • Functionality and workflow based on training
  • Assessment analytics measures real time clinician adoption

Highest Quality Resources

Pulling together the right Go-Live team is both a challenge and precursor to a successful EHR implementation. PTP assembles the best people for your team based on analyzed needs, cultural compatibility and module identification.

  • Staffed by expert employees
  • Customized Go-Live Play book designed to meet client’s needs
  • ATE Support “hit the ground running” with video onboarding based on client unique workflows
  • Troubleshoot problems and reinforce training lessons
  • Thorough and unparalleled vetting process
  • Years of Go-Live planning experience

Cost Effective At-The-Elbow Support

Consistency, cost optimization, and competency are the basics of PTP “At-The-Elbow” support. Our professionally trained teams ensure clinicians stay focused on patients while quality standards are achieved, timlines met and momentum maintained.

  • Ongoing support providing clinician reassurance
  • Dual Epic/Dragon Experts provide a “One Stop Shopping Experience” leading to time and cost reduction
  • Save money with cross-trained support
  • Assessment analytics provide effective taper data