Your patients are ready for MyChart. Are you ready to support it?

Once you launch MyChart, as with any user-facing system, you can expect a significant number of patient calls and emails. These will be relative to the size of your healthcare organization. Your priority is caring for your patients’ health. But who’s caring for them when they’re using MyChart?


One Call Resolution

We know MyChart. Our support team is trained from a MyChart certification based curriculum and lead by Epic and MyChart certified Application Coordinators. This allows our team to provide one call resolution to most if not all of your patient’s issues. Aside from the goal to resolve the patients issue the first time they call we will provide them with knowledge on navigation and self-service tools available.

Patient-Friendly and Responsive

PTP provides premier customer service so that your patients fell engaged. Patients who understand the system are more likely to use it and take an active role in the management of their healthcare.

Exceed Meaningful Use Goals

With our sound support model allow us to engage your patients so that you meet activation, messaging and the transmission of data requirements.

Let us perform an outreach campaign to reach a specific audience or engage certain demographics.

Extend IT Team

Misallocation of IT resources will leave costly application experts filling and working level 1 requests/issues. As a result project work suffers. Along with our proven 95% one call or higher resolution rate PTP is able to integrate and work directly with your allocated MyChart resources so that identified issues are not
overlooked while allowing them to focus on day to day objectives.

Continuous Process Improvement

Pinpoint crucial work stoppage issues with metrics and reporting analytics, i.e. see exactly how that Flu Shot reminder email affected your activation numbers for the month.

Secure, Remote, Desktop Control

Our agents are HIPAA compliant and comply to all process and procedures your organization has in place.

24/7/365 Availability

Our US based, Bi-lingual support is there ready to take your patients call, Morning, Noon or Night.