One call for immediate provider support

All concierge services are meant to provide tailored support for providers and quantifiable feedback for the Epic leadership, build, and training teams. Dragon and Epic personalization are both included.



The support for concierge always starts with one phone call or email to a support coordinator. The provider will receive one of three tiers of support

  • Remote immediate support available 24/7.
    • Clinical service desk staff have ability to access the system remotely and assist the provider with any immediate questions or quick training sessions.
  • Onsite immediate support on the floor (at-the-elbow).
    • A coordinator will deploy the closest staff member to arrive at the provider’s side within minutes and assist with Epic or Dragon issues.
  • Scheduled 1:1 or small group training sessions with providers.
    • A coordinator will schedule a short, informal training and personalization session to help providers with difficult Epic or Dragon workflows.

Build and Training Direction

Project Start

The team will meet with clinical service improvement teams at the hospital to assess areas for improvement and organization goals.


All support dispatched, whether remote or onsite will complete feedback

  • Issue tickets independent or in conjunction with your organization’s predetermined feedback loop
  • Provider skills assessments to determine areas for improvement and overall optimization training direction


The timeline to begin Provider Concierge is ideal when go-live support is tapering down or after an Epic upgrade, Dragon install, or large Epic module implementation. This will help to alleviate the common compliant that providers have about the lack of support resources after the go-live phase is complete.

Epic improves constantly and your organization is bound to make constant changes and adjustments. With appropriate support, providers can move from proficient to efficient.