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The document management difference

By implementing powerful print management and cost recovery solutions, Hoge Fenton was able to gain some impressive results: reduced costs, new efficiencies and improved productivity. Discover how your organization can reap these same benefits.

Where judges’ robes, gavels and the scales of justice are images most associated with the legal profession, printers, scanners and copiers are where the real work gets done. Yet many law firms don’t do as much as they can to get the most out of printing processes to maximize business results.

As copier fleets get older and inevitably need replacing, legal firms should view this event as an opportunity to upgrade technology, enhance inefficient processes and integrate with existing systems. And when they do, they stand to gain a significant competitive advantage, an edge that can contribute to increased revenues and a stronger bottom line.

For example, consider the fact that most copier fleets today actually consist of multiple products from multiple vendors. This includes everything from the copiers themselves to scan stations, monitors and specialized hardware. Yet having so many vendors makes it difficult to remember who does what, and requires too many support calls when something goes wrong. This adds up to too much wasted time; time that could be better spent providing valuable services to clients.

Additionally, by now most legal firms have implemented document management systems to track, manage and store digital documents and reduce their reliance on paper. But these systems may have been deployed well after the time the firm originally purchased their copiers. This means they now need to replace them with copiers as well as software solutions capable of integrating into these systems. By enabling lawyers and support staff to scan paper documents directly into document management systems and other workflows, law firms can significantly improve productivity, decrease paper and storage costs and safeguard sensitive client information.


Hoge Fenton gains control of printing and document workflows

Hoge Fenton recently went through this entire experience as it went through the process of replacing an aging copier fleet. In addition to goals related to getting down to one vendor, the firm also wanted to ensure maximum efficiency and support to attorneys and staff members. Perhaps Hoge Fenton’s IT Director Seth Silapasvang says it best: “Keeping current with technology not only saves us time and cost, but also allows us to better serve our clients.”

After deciding which copiers and MFPs to purchase, Hoge Fenton also chose powerful print management and cost recovery software. These solutions help the firm improve print processes while also integrating to its document management system and other workflows. Now support staff can email documents directly from MFPs and scan stations, and they are automatically when a file is too big to email. Hoge Fenton’s employees save considerable time due to the integration and spend more time focused on providing exceptional client service.

You can learn more about Hoge Fenton’s story by downloading the full success story.


When workflows work well

Law firms handle a staggering amount of documents. Whether lawyers and staff are preparing for discovery, collaborating with associates or filing with the court, every document must be processed accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively. Now integrated legal document workflow and cost recovery solutions can help simplify expense management, streamline systems, and increase productivity.

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