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Welcome to our new website! Isn’t it sweet?! We started talking about creating a new site only three months after our first one was finished. At first we couldn’t believe that we had already outgrown (gotten tired of) our old site, but it’s true. Why did we feel like we needed a fresh design? Our first site was very typical of a start-up company—filled with a great deal of text about what we offer our customers, and no other real feature except a “contact us” page…yikes! But hey, we were more focused on growing a business than having a pretty online presence.

Well, some things have changed. First, our business has grown tremendously…mainly by word-of-mouth. We didn’t expect such great success up front, but quickly realized that there is a real interest in our services. Second, even though we are clinicians by trade, we found that it is a no-brainer that people (customers) want clear communication and good service. In fact, that is what we focus on. Our business is service oriented and in order to take care of our customers, we need to have clear and often communication, as well as good service.

One of the issues we have as a small company is that the amount of work to be done usually exceeds the number of hours in a day. Almost every week, we find ourselves working late into the night to take care of business needs. Early on, we realized that customers like buying microphones from us because they know and trust us. The requests for microphones can sometimes be overwhelming as this can be a time-intensive task on our part to process the orders and get the microphones to the customers. We are introducing our new online store to decrease the amount of time we spend on filling orders as well as increase the speed that we can get the products to our customers. Check it out and let us know what you think!

By now you are probably wondering who is authoring this post. My name is Mike…nothing like an introduction halfway into a conversation. I am an ER nurse by trade, although I worked in IT before I was a nurse. I have been tasked with writing these posts and plan to update this section on a regular basis. I also am communicating by twitter to our customers (@physiciandragon). Be sure to follow us on twitter…we will be updating regularly with insight into our company as well as tips/tricks on using Dragon Medical.

So what can you expect from this blog? My first goal is not to bore you. I will keep the writing informal. The topics will focus mainly on speech recognition and health care, with the occasional article about our company. We want to engage you and offer you something of value in the information we provide here. If there are any topics that you would like covered, let me know by emailing me or by twitter (@physiciandragon).


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